Office Style: Interview with Abbie

Some days I’ll roll out in a head-to-toe look, but it always has to be dressed down and a bit messy — more me. I tend to wear what I feel. I’m a true romantic at heart so I’m usually telling a story of some sort with an outfit — trying to evoke the past or channel someone or something (for my own amusement cause I’m a bit of a nerd about style). Whether it’s that raise you’ve been seeking or finding the love of your life. The obstacles we face in life can be discouraging from actualizing your dreams and it can feel easier to give up.

The truth is that we have every right to go for exactly what we want in life but often times there are roadblocks that feel really challenging. Roadblocks are there to teach you a lesson and reroute you towards a more enlightened version of yourself. The “why” of the roadblocks is really just a test to determine what’s holding you back. So when you are experiencing the same roadblock over and over again, it’s just a matter that you haven’t learned your lesson yet. Here are some steps on what to do when faced with life’s roadblocks so you can life your fullest, dream worthy life.

Many of us (especially women) find that we have a timeline mapped out in our heads with how our lives will play out. Landing that big job at 25, married by 27, kids by 30 is not a lot of time to accomplish those 3 big monumental life events. If your goals are stacked heavily on top of each other that sets you up for a lot of work and not a lot of living in between.

The moments in between each success of life is full of little lessons that open the door up for the next big accomplishment. Allowing yourself to enjoy the “in between” times can help you see that you are exactly where you need to be. Life’s plan always works out but you can’t force a deadline on it if you are not ready for it. Trust the journey and remember to continue enjoying the ride.

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